Children’s Clothes Needed for Zimbabwe

A lady based in East London is heading over to Zimbabwe to do some voluntary work, as well as to adopt a baby girl. She is collecting donations of baby and children’s clothes to take with her for orphaned children over there. If you have any clothes that you would like to donate to her, she can be contacted at Any donations are much appreciated!


New Volunteering Opportunities in Bangladesh

Volunteer East is pleased to have been contacted by a Bangladeshi NGO who are hoping to build a long-lasting partnership. The local NGO based in Dhaka works with women and children from underprivileged backgrounds, in particular with the marginalized Hindi community. 


The Bangladeshi NGO welcomes volunteers free of charge at their base in Dhaka, comfortable accommodation with a host family provided. They are also keen fundraisers and have regular sponsors for students who would not otherwise be able to afford to go to school. 


If you are interested in finding out more about volunteering in Bangladesh, please contact Tiija at

Girls’ Education Project in Uganda

Our partnership organisation in Uganda has started up an education programme specifically aimed at educating girls in the rural parts of Uganda. The organisation has linked up with another local charity called the Girl Children and they have developed a programme that aims to provide girls with vocational skills that they can then utilise in bringing in income for themselves and their families.

The programme teaches girls different vocational skills, including:


1. Weaving Table Clothes
2. Making Paper Beads
3. Tailoring
4. Computer Lessons
5. Growing Vegetables which can earn them Income to Buy Girl Basic Needs.

These activities included students  several local school, including from Bulucheke SSS,
Bukalasi SSS, Nalwanza High School, and all local primary schools, reaching hundreds of girls.


The new programme is excellent and gets our full support!


When the Director of Volunteer East, Tiija, was in Nepal some years ago, she had a pleasure to become friends with a young Nepalese man called Saroj. At the time, Saroj was working for an NGO that Tiija did some work for.

Now Saroj is a founder of and works for a different  NGO called PVN-Nepal. They have a range of projects across Nepal, including rural development and working with kids in orphanages. They welcome volunteers year round and ensure that their stay is most pleasant. For more information, please take a look at their website:

Inspiration from Mother Ann to help in Uganda

A lovely lady that Volunteer East has been fortunately enough to meet and get to know is Mother Ann who has been helping orphans in Uganda for many years. Ann is retired and lives in the UK, spending her time fundraising for those in need in East Africa and travelling over there herself to help whenever she has a chance. 

Here is a lovely blog post on Ann – hopefully this can inspire others to help out too:

Poetry Book written by the Director – all profits from sales go directly to Volunteer East

The Director of Volunteer East has recently written and published her first book of poetry. The poems were written during her travels in East Africa and the Far East whilst searching her soul and discovering her purpose on this earth.

For more detailed information on the book, as well as the Director’s author page, see links below. All profits from sales go directly into supporting the work of Volunteer East.

New Cafe and Headquarters at Ugandan partnership

Our partnership project in Uganda has new Headquarters as well as a cafe that generated ongoing steady income for the rural project. The cafe and office are located in Kampala. They serve delicious local delicassies and warmly welcome visitors. This new venture is sponsored by the long-standing Dutch sponsor Timedesk. A great addition to the project work in Uganda!


For more information, please contact Emmanuel Norman and see the link below: